Local Profile: Plano Named Happiest City in America

Plano Ranks Happiest Among America’s Largest Cities

According to a new study, Plano, Texas, is the happiest city in America. Plano ranked highest overall among 182 cities in emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and empowerment.

Plano has managed to develop a strong community by celebrating its diversity. Organizations such as the Multicultural Outreach Roundtable, who hold an annual International Festival, contribute to the city’s cultural enrichment. Moreover, as the fourth best foodie city in the nation, there is plenty of opportunity to enrich your palette with cultural dining experiences.

Furthermore, opportunities for enjoyment are abundant, both outdoors and indoors. An even greater balance between industrialized and green areas is anticipated with plans to establish more parks and preserves in Plano. Although the city was once characterized by its suburban appeal, there is something for everyone in Plano. For the full article, visit